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My farm profile on WWOOF-USA is limited to 250 words, and I wanted to provide those folks that are interested in coming to Concert Brass Farm to WWOOF with information on current events happening on the farm, and additional background information.

If you have questions, please email me at ctull@concertbrass.com and I will add your question and my answer on the bottom of this page.


Dairy Goat Happenings
Kidding season started at the end of December, with the dairy does taking the lead. Six of the dairy does have kidded and only three remain to kid sometime in March. One of these heavy bred does was purchased by Nannette Watson, a unique entrepreneur in nearby Concan. She makes a variety of organic food, including organic herb butter and homemade pies. It will soon be time for me to start making goat cheese... perhaps today since my refrigerator is getting crowded with milk.

Boer Goat Happenings
Starting the third week in March, the Boer does will begin kidding. This season, I will have only 15 Boer does to kid out. They are all bred to Shofar, my handsome home grown buck (who has won blue ribbons) that is by Soldier and out of Smudge. Recently, my long time friend Robin Walters, Bar None Meat Goats in Seguin, sold me a handsome young buck that I named Pops! since he was born on July the 4th in 2014. He is full of himself and needs a job! I put him with a young Boer doe that I bought from another dear friend Marsha Schneider from Knippa. Marsha specializes in raising show wethers for serious 4H competitors.

Jersey Cow Happenings
I have always wanted a Jersey cow for their incomparable cream and butter. Even though I do NOT live in the Shenandoah valley (where the grass is so green and they actually have rain that keeps the drought away!), I decided to investigate in getting a small Jersey... not a Mini... since you have to lay down to milk one of those, and can hardly get a bucket under their udder. Well, somehow I managed to bring three standard (but not all that big) Jerseys into my menagerie. The first one I bought in January, came from Cleveland, Georgia (North of Atlanta), her name is Cinnamon. The two most recent ones (a week after Cinnamon arrived) came from Missouri and are currently residing with my friend Linda Haggard. She is teaching them to lead and be handled for hand milking. They are both pregnant with their second calves (bred to an Angus bull) and should calve in the next month or 6 weeks. Cinnamon, a first time heifer, isn't due to calve until late this summer or early Fall. Cinnamon was bred to a Mini-Jersey bull named Red Man.

WWOOFer Visitors
I had my first WWOOFer's, Garrett and Lauren Grossman, a lovely couple of newlyweds that came on Friday, Jan. 30 from Chicago. Their visit was cut short when Garrett's grandfather fell and broke his shoulder, so they left the following Friday. They brought their rescued pug dog named Gunther. Garrett built the frame for one wall of my large greenhouse in one day! We had winter like weather with lots of drizzle which made it impossible to really work outside when they were here. Fortunately, the weather made it possible to have daily classroom style studies on homestead livestock. For some reason they didn't think it was cold here! They really have made a plan for their life, and I admire their strong Christian faith. I will miss their smiling faces!

Spring Plantings
It seems like Spring will be here in a few days, I see some blossoms in my fruit orchard already. There is SO MUCH to be done getting the gardens ready. I have already harvested most of my broccoli and the garlic looks fabulous. I desperately need to get my two new Chocolate Persimmons planted. They arrived in 20 gallon pots from Mr. Jacks Farm in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pam, my sister in law, was visiting her sister in Greensboro, North Carolina for Christmas, and she was able to bring three trees to Texas. She, and my brother Craig, live on a farm near Beeville, Texas (on the way to Corpus Christi). They have a small beef cow grass fed herd.


Here is an Excerpt that I took From the February 1 reading, written by Ray Simpson, in his book, "Daily Light from the Celtic Saints.” Anamchara Books, 2013-07-02.

Dear Lord, may all that is here
reflect the harmony and wholeness you want for your creation.
Bless the moon that is above us, the earth that is beneath us.
May the animals in this place be happy and healthy.
Bless the hard work to be done here:
the seedlings that shall grow here,
the neighbors we shall greet here
and all whose gaze comes here.
Circle this place by day and by night.
Keep far from it all that harms, bring to it all that is good.
May this place be fragrant with the presence of the Lord, God’s peace be always here and in those who dwell here.

Ermal Caushaj, originally immigrated from Albania 15 years ago, but he is now living in Michigan with his extended family.  He came on 3/2/15 to help out on the ranch.  He is the director for the tour of the Shroud of Turin, that is on exhibition in San Antonio.  Although his 'vacation' from the tour was short, and our Texas "winter" weather was unusually winter like, he assisted my friends (Ken and Linda) in replacing the leathers on my windmill.  We had to pull the well in order to replace the leathers inside the cylinder.  He also helped Ken dress three of my meat rabbits.  Ermal also milked the dairy does and collected chicken eggs.  He went back to work in San Antonio on 3/6/15, with milk, eggs, rabbit, and goat cheese.  He said he will try to come back to the ranch before the exhibit leaves San Antonio, so that he can teach me to cook some of his specialty dishes (he has been a chief in Michigan!). I really look forward to seeing Ermal again!

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