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If you see brass musical horns decorating a horse or goat stall at a show, it’s probably a strong indication that a Concert Brass individual is on exhibition.

Concert Brass had its beginning with the 1970 purchase of Windy Hill Symphonie. This genetically superior, National Performance Champion mare, became the cornerstone of the Concert prefix. Her dynasty continues to be perpetuated through her award winning descendents, some living as far away as New York, and others that still run on our rugged Texas Hill Country ranch in Uvalde County.

South African Boer Goats joined the Concert in 1993. The application of selective line-breeding, learned from years of producing champion performance Morgan horses, continues to influence the goat flock.

Our newest and most difficult challenge is to progress towards sustainability (holistic ranching) by raising genetically superior animals that are able to thrive in their continually improving natural environment. The rewards for our success, will not only be for our own benefit, but for anyone that follows us into this new frontier. If you have questions, together we can find the answers.

Catherine Tull-Linton, D.V.M., M.P.H. - Click Here To Learn More About Catherine & Her Animal History

Koley, a German Shepherd that retired as a War Hero. He sniffed for bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan and saved countless lives.
I was able to adopt him 6 years ago when he was 10 years old and going blind with German Shepherd Pannus. 
He was the love of my life.  He was born in Holland and served our country in multiple job sites (airports, ATF and overseas).
Sadly on June 1st, 2010, at the age of 16, I put him down, and I feel sure that he will be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.  

Catherine Tull-Linton, D.V.M.  |  Homeopathic & Holistic Practitioner
8721 CR 336  |  Sabinal, TX 78881
(830) 988-2335 - Home  |  Email: ctull@concertbrass.com

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I now consider myself a holistic veterinarian. I've been "holistic" for about 16 years. I recently retired from the State of Texas as a zoonosis veterinarian after 30 years. I graduated from TAMU in 1971 then got my Masters in Public Health at UT.

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