Homesteading Seminars

Instead of trying to set up specific group classes this year, I have decided to have an "Open Ranch" on the THIRD FRIDAY AND THIRD SATURDAY from 10 AM to 3 PM each month. Lunch will be available at the ranch.

Cost for four hours of customized personal instruction:  $50 for adults, $25 for students grades 7 - 12, free for kids in grade school.

Interested persons will need to send me an email prior to the date they wish to attend. You can book ahead several months in advance if you wish. My email is:

The purpose of the "Open Ranch" day will give us the opportunity to meet together, and to schedule specific training for anyone interested in learning specific homesteading skills.

Where: On the Ranch
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Holistic Pet Care
  Topics of Discussion: Animal Nutrition, Exercise, Grooming, Behavior Issues, First Aid, Housing
Includes BookNatural Health for Dogs & Cats” by Dr. Richard H. Pitcairn, DVM, Ph
Holistic Livestock Care
  Topics of Discussion: Livestock Nutrition, Grass Fed Movement, Styles of Management, Intensive Management, Making a Holistic Goal
Includes Book: “Small Scale Livestock Farming” by Carol Ekarius
Homestead Cheese Making
  Topics of Discussion: Training Your Dairy Goat, Collecting Clean Milk, Easy Cheese Recipes (soft and hard cheeses), Making Yogurt
Starting Horses in Harness
Organic Vegetable Basics

Holistic veterinary medicine differs from "conventional" veterinary medicine in that it takes a more natural and common sense approach to your pet's healthcare. Through proper nutrition, regular daily care, avoidance of toxins, and minimization of emotional stress, the body's own immune system becomes strengthened, enabling the body to heal itself and to ward off possible disease. Holistic medicine avoids the overuse or often misuse of many drugs, antibiotics, steroids, artificial chemicals, vaccinations, and other treatments. Instead it treats mostly with proper diet, natural whole-food and herbal dietary supplements, homeopathic treatments, and alternative "ages-old" treatments.

I'm a holistic practitioner for over twenty years and will give you a solid introduction to the basics of Holistic Healing currently used in veterinary medicine today. You will then get specifics on how you can use nutrition to start the healing process on your pets. I will also give an introduction to homeopathy, the treatment modality that I specialize in. There will be time set aside for answering your specific questions during the class.

Classes will be scheduled when I have 10 students interested.

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Holistic Pet Care
Holistic Livestock Care
Organic Vegetable Basics
     Homestead Cheese Making
Starting Horses in Harness

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Catherine Tull-Linton, D.V.M.  |  Homeopathic & Holistic Practitioner
8721 CR 336  |  Sabinal, TX 78881
(830) 988-2335 - Home  |  Email:


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