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Boer goat kids should be arriving... May 2016.

Shofar - Son of 2 BBT Soldier

He won at every show he was in.

  Sire:2BBT SOLDIER (10505888) RRD -10B2B AK-47
RRD T541
5B M161
  Dam: CBM Smudge (10581622) CBM MOHAAN FSE 3083 DYNA-MO **ENNOBLED**

  • I have no full blood Boer goats for sale at this time. However, I am expecting one Fullblood doe and two percentage
    does to kid any day. They are bred to Shofar. Shofar died suddenly on February 12 of this year, so they will be his last kids.
    Information on these kids will be posted as they arrive.
  • I do have one percentage Boer yearling doe for sale. She is a Shofar daughter born 24 March 2015, priced at $250.

  • "Bebe" doe kid born 10 December 2015 (sire Kaluah X dam Bailey)  Kaluah is a taupe gray, spotted with black, full blood, young Nubian buck.  Kaluah is out of Desi, a high milk performance full blood Nubian doe.  Bailey is cream colored, half Nubian and half Alpine doe.  Bailey has a lovely udder and teats, with excellent orifices and produces over a gallon of milk with a long production time.  "Bebe" has the coloration (Cou Clair) of her dam's Alpine mother, so she looks like an Alpine.  "Bebe" should make a desirable homestead milk goat with the rich milk of the Nubian, and the volume of milk from both sides of her high performance genetics.  "Bebe" still has her horns, she is Priced at $200.
  • "Missy". Fullblood Nubian doe kid born 28 December 2015. (Sire Kaluah X dam Maud)
    She is a gorgeous black and white moon spotted kid.  Her dam, Maud, is a large, lovely red and white spotted doe, that has a lovely udder and easy to milk teats and excellent orifices.  Maud does not produce as much milk as Bailey, but she has the more typical production expected from the Nubian breed.  Her milk is rich in butterfat.  Missy is a sweetheart and, may have inherited her Paternal grandmothers high volume output and long lactation production capacity.  Missy is priced at $250.
  • "Skinhead" Fullblood Lamancha buck kid born 6 April 2016.  (Sire Ivan X Dam Merlot).  He is a beautiful rich mahogany color with his non-existent gopher ears.  He is Merlot's first baby.  She has a nice length of teat (easy to milk) with great orifices.  He is priced at $50 until he is weaned. 


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