Concert Brass Farm will occasionally have a few animals for sale.  Every animal is an individual, with both qualities and faults,
none of mine are perfect, even though I have raised World Champion horses and Champion goats, I have owned and raised others
that I loved more than I did the winners. I will not hide faults or exaggerate qualities to anyone.  "To each his own" as my mother taught me.  Most people value certain attributes, or condemn certain faults, differently than I do. 

I strive to offer only healthy animals for sale that meet my standards of quality at a fair price.



I am expecting three or four Boer does to kid in May.  Two of these does are registered full bloods, and all the does were bred to Shofar, so these will be his last kids. Each kid will be priced individually, however, any potential show wether prospects will start at $500. I sell any kids that I do not believe to be show or breeding quality as market meat goats after weaning at the local sale barn. 



I have three dairy kids for sale.

1). "Bebe" a crossbreds doe kid born 10 December 2015 that has the Cou Claire coloring of her Alpine grandmother.  Her sire is Kahlua, a gray taupe spotted Nubian, and her dam, Bailey, is a cream colored Nubian/Alpine cross.  Bailey has a very nice udder with excellent, easy to hand milk, teats.  Her orifices are also excellent.  Kahlua's dam, Desi, is a high performance milker with a very extended milking cycle...she really milks through.  The photo of the black moon spotted Nubian doe on my web photos is of Desi in full milk.   So, "Bebe" has the genetic quality of milky performance on both sides.  "Bebe" was not disbudded as a baby, so she still has her horns.
 "Bebe" is priced at $150.   She is now old enough to be weaned. 

2).  "Missy" is a beautiful black moon spotted Fullblood Nubian doe kid, born 28 December 2015.  Her sire is Kahlua, and her dam is Maud, a beautiful red spotted doe.  Missy was a single, so she is quite robust from the rich milk from Maud. Maud has fabulous orifices and teats that are so nice to hand milk.  This is Maud's second freshening, and she is still milking quite well, but I can't yet speak as to her length of milking until I dry her off.  Missy is a sweetie and has been disbudded.  She is priced at $250.

3). "Skinhead" Fullblood Lamancha buck kid born 6 April 2016.  He is the first offspring of his dam, Merlot.  He is a rich mahogany brown with a black dorsal stripe.  He has the gopher ears of his parents, hence the name "Skinhead"!  
Priced at $50 until he reaches market weight. 



General prices are as follows: live Young fryers $20 each, should weigh about two pounds when processed. Proven breeding does,
$40 each.  Unproven  breeding does, open or bred, $25 each.  Breeding age bucks $30 each. 



I generally keep a wide variety of domestic poultry which includes many breeds of heritage and rare chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas, and Embden geese.  Generally, common heritage hens that are laying, start at $25, specialty breeds start at $40.  Roosters sell for $10 to $25.  Turkeys are in spring production right now, (first broody hen hatched 14 poults and a duck!) so none are available yet.  I don't have enough female guineas to sell pairs right now.  The few ducks I have, just started laying, we will see if they can generate any for sale. 



My two ewes have not lambed yet, please check back later.  



I have only one Jersey cow named Cinnamon.  I sold the other two I bought from Montana.  I do have Cinnamon's first calf for sale.  His name is Manny, and his sire is a registered Miniature Jersey bull named Red Man, now living in Utah.  Manny was born August 27, 2015 and is the most gorgeous bull calf I have seen,  he is nearly black. 
I have him priced at $1000. 


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